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Away | 08 October 2017

Match Report

Team: Alex Strickland, Harvey Iddles, Daniel Donnelly, Jack Stopford, Toby Wood, James McCabe, James Cheesman, Lewis Croker, Nathaniel Jones.

So, my first game for almost a month, ( have I mentioned anywhere that I've been ill? ), and thanks again to Colin for helping me out in the previous weeks.
Got there early to impress the wife with the corporate seats I'd arranged...........................she wasn't.
An exasperating performance from the Reds this morning, don't get me wrong, Tintwistle are a good side, but the scoreline certainly didn't reflect the performance in my opinion.
We started off very slowly and allowed the Yellows far too much time on the ball, we went a couple down but not to any great football, just an unlucky cross deflected in for an own goal, and a silly defensive mix up where the ball wasn't cleared.
For once we didn't seem too confident going forward and it took those two goals to wake us up a bit, and we finally managed to get a grip on the midfield, a couple of Stopford shots flew over the bar and a McCabe overhead just going too high allowed us to exert some pressure.
Even though, Donnelly cleared one off the line and we were still putting ourselves under pressure as the half time whistle went.
You won't need your brolly I told the Mrs before we set off, so with a look of smug satisfaction, she opened it up as the torrential rain fell on us all, Statler and Waldorf were far too manly to step under cover of course, as we were busy ( still ) trying to find an appropriate nickname for Coach Wood, for future reference it looks like we might be going down a boy band backing vocalist route, so any suggestions would be most welcome,
The second half was a much more even affair, we battled on and though we conceded a couple of good goals ( this time ), Strickland was still the least busy keeper, though still making crucial saves and catches when needed.
Iddles with various partners at the back was great again and though the Cheese had been quiet, as the game wore on he was more and more important as Glossop surged forward looking for a goal. Wood found space and got a shot off but it was blocked, and he had been busy ferreting away all game, Croker also in a variety of roles got his foot in at crucial times as our boys attacked in waves but couldn't beat the stripes keeper, then a Donnelly long throw was flicked on and lashed in by Jones, great finish and we were on top at last, we had five corners in succession leading to a Cheese header cleared off the line ( possibly by one of ours but peering through the prison fence had sent me half mad by now ) Donnelly was through and should have got his shot away quicker and was taken out just in time, more shots from Stopford who also got one in the eye from a ( yet another ) high kick ( his merciless father giving him the new nickname of Braveheart ) seeing him taken off and reaching for the ice pack.
More efforts from Jones, McCabe and Wood ( sounds like an Accountants office ) but we couldn't score again and time ran out, as I claimed I don't think we played badly at all, we just lacked consistency, when we pushed on in the last ten minutes, we were the better side and had them rattled, but they had more desire, and that makes a lot of difference in games like this. Finally, as a point of reference, I think the Yellows goalkeeper Will, should have been their man of the match, which also says a lot to me.
If you, dear reader, don't like my use of surnames, then let me know and I'll revert back to Christian names, I use this method for the older group and they seem to like it. Right, back to the thrilling England game............................................................................!

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